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BLP – State of the Lumens – Week 2

August 16, 2010

This week I have made several advancements in the Better Life Project in several different categories: Morning Routine, My Business, Organization, Motivation & Sleep. Press more to continue reading.

Morning Routine

Probably the most important was changing my morning routine, and now I’m going to the park to walk every morning. I’m really enjoying my time there, and I get to think a lot. The fresh air is rather nice as well.

Today I bought a new mp3 player, and tommorrow I will start using it. I’m hoping to start running, and I’m starting the Couch to 5k program. What’s that? Each week the runner, walks and then runs a certain amount of intervals each day. For example the first week, includes a 5 minute warmup, then 60 seconds of jogging with 90 seconds of walking for 20 minutes.  Each week the jogging intervals gets progressively longer, and soon enough the walker is running farther and longer. I’m that much closer to running one of those 4 marathons(#14) 🙂


Today I spent several hours going through things in my room and organizing. Getting rid of things has always been difficult for me. I had 2 boxes sitting on the corner of my room since I moved back 2 years ago. Today I finally went through them, got rid of what I don’t need, and organized the rest. Go Me!

Thought & Motivation

This morning I really didn’t feel like walking. I got myself out there and did it anyway. The first half lap were almost impossible to start, but before I knew it, I had done 1 whole lap. Then 2 whole laps. And kept going until I finished, and had done more than I normally do.

I couldn’t help to think but this is a great metaphor for what I’m going through at the moment. I’ve already done one of the hardest parts in improving my life; I have started. If I keep taking one step at a time, I will be somewhere better before I know it!

My Business

I’ve also gotten to spend some time on a few rather important things regarding starting my business. I spent a few hours the other day thinking about names. I still haven’t come up with a final decision yet, but I’m getting closer. I also spent some time yesterday working on figuring out my budget, and exactly how much money I’m going to need to get it started. To really get started, it’s going to be quite a lot…. but I am pretty certain that with a few key ingredients, I can start slowly and work my way up. I’m actually not that far from the bare minimum! WOOT!


For the last seven or eight years, sleep has been a huge issue in my life. My CPAP mask broke a few years ago. I finally got a new mask, and have been using it every night since. I’m sleeping significantly better, and waking up a bit more refreshed (and earlier!). It’s making a HUGE difference already.

Things are just gonna get better from here. The only way is up baby..!

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